Assorted Projects!

Unaccustomed to My Name - over 10 years of Sofie and her Siberian alter ego!

Dabble Rhapsody - book it!

(Check out the link to this project's Indie Theatre Now podcast with Martin Denton - Episode 11!)

Radio Cape Cod: view it!

New York Neo-Futurists doing Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind - read 225 of our plays!  And come see the show on Fridays, Saturdays and special days!

Welcome to Night Vale: Bonus Episode 2 - listen to the podcast!

Commonplace Books contributor - buy these fun story collections!

I also have written profiles on stonemasons, ancient grain enthusiasts, told magazine readers about spite house owners and other small space decorating challenges...

Occasional personal essayist...

...and more!

Everywhere you look there are stories, and I'm coming at them from all kinds of angles.