I am a peripatetic, poly-directional Polish-American theatre artist. As performer, teacher, director, and writer, I aim to strike a balance between irreverence, honor, gleeful failure, discipline, and fervor.

The spectrum of my interests runs the gamut from Stanislavski to Viola Spolin to solo performance (much inspired by my own conservatory training with Mike Nichols, George Morrison and Paul Sills at New Actors Workshop) as well as documentary theatre and performance art (a natural extension of my work as founding ensemble member of the NY Neo-Futurists). But whatever the form of dramatic storytelling, I keep at the root of it all the commitment to risk being embarrassed, bored, or – scarier – profoundly transformed by other humans, in real time. In experiencing drama from any angle, we must agree to gather in a room with the intention to tell each other stories; this is the most basic and beautiful beginning to each theatrical endeavor.

My solo works have been produced nationally, internationally and Off-Broadway, I've had works of fiction, non-fiction and drama published, I have won awards both for acting and performance art, and have learned from some of the titans of our artistic era...but first and foremost, I should fess up to you that I have a non-verbal cameo in a viral College Humor video.

I hike, and take macro shots of flowers. I bake bread and will force you to eat it. I miss the Tatra mountains, and in movement class I sometimes play Polish rock to quell my longing for the Motherland (Ojczyzno moja!). My brother got me a personalized autograph from Sir Tom Jones and I wept with joy. A new Yorker by birth and temperament, I now share a tiny studio in Wellesley, MA with my hunky, talented and inspiring husband Paul which reflects our curiosity and aspirations for coziness.  

I am looking forward to our next creative adventure.



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